Deep Space Network status: Active Telecommunications Sytems Upload / Download: (40mb/s, 70 mb/s) Status: nominal When it comes to space travel, timing means everything. Whether you’re relying on the sun for workplace lighting or performing a rendzvous maneuver with another spacecraft, being sure those hour and minute hands are lined up at the right place […]

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Solar Panel efficiency: 31% Back-up Power status: Active Rise and fall. Two words in summary to the greatest empires, philosophers, leaders, families, species, and worlds ever known. From a fast-paced, high-energy climb to the top, to a slow, merciful demolition into the depths of history. One may think this scenario is only realistic to those […]

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“Life on Mars” Episode 1

The HI-SEAS Mission V crew were featured in the New York Times this morning. The series is titled, “Life on Mars”, in which video footage on our daily lives and activities in the first month of the mission was captured by a 360-degree camera. It’s an incredible piece of equipment, giving viewers a direct visual […]

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Fuel cells: charged Heat exchangers: stable “For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction”. Mars is a little bit like grease. A little of it and you can cope. Too much and you fly right off. The same thing can be said about a ‘dreamer’, a person who brings something to light that […]

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Environmental Control Systems: Nominal Water reclimation system: Limited I consider plants as one of the most incredible inhabitants on this planet. Their contributions to our every day life are forgotten, practically unconsciously, but their presense is felt in the hundreds of breaths we take in a single hour alone. When one considers the advantages plants […]

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Suit communications: Check Airlock pressure levels: Nominal Welcome to Mars. Warmth. The first thing I noticed above all other senses. It was almost like going to your baseball game, a spiritual enlightenment of sorts. Being in an enclosed environment for a week now, and the first sense activated is by way of the intense heat […]

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