Suit communications: Check Airlock pressure levels: Nominal Welcome to Mars. Warmth. The first thing I noticed above all other senses. It was almost like going to your baseball game, a spiritual enlightenment of sorts. Being in an enclosed environment for a week now, and the first sense activated is by way of the intense heat […]

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Welcome to ‘Mars’

Entry velocity: 25 mph Status on vehicle thermal: 68degF, looking good Landing confirmation? . .. ….. Landing confirmed. Mankind, welcome to Mars. At 4:41pm Hawaii time, I, and the other five crew mates of Mission 5, entered the habitat airlock for the first time. It’s a little surreal; I’m not going to lie. So many […]

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Habitat systems: Check. Exploration suit condition: Good. Compostable toilet instructions: Wait…what? Picture yourself as a star…Molten. Massive. Hungry for power. Life is good. But eventually your thirst turns against you. And boom, destruction…When you picture yourself as this bright, magnificent object in the night sky you capture this gaze, this awe from others around you. […]

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