Solar Panel efficiency: 31%

Back-up Power status: Active

Rise and fall. Two words in summary to the greatest empires, philosophers, leaders, families, species, and worlds ever known. From a fast-paced, high-energy climb to the top, to a slow, merciful demolition into the depths of history. One may think this scenario is only realistic to those of high class, iconic status, or god-like immortality. In fact, the game is open to all, even to the simplest, basic individuals living among the crowds; another face in society.

So when does one realize when its their time to shine? If they don’t want to be the spotlight, what led them to steering clear of center stage?  And if they decide to hold back now, will they ever get a chance to try again?To some, reaching the top is their only goal in life. To others, trying to not touch the sun is fine too. And there are the individuals who are perfectly fine with mediocrity, getting by, and being stable; no flux.

We all look to some end game, whatever it may be. Whether its starting your own business or becoming a parent. Creating a masterpiece or discovering something new. The final result doesnt always turn out good but we’re not focusing on that here…So you have this dream, this goal. Say you reach it. Is that it? Do you just stop there?

Sometimes it is necessary for us, every once and awhile, to creep a little close to the sun. Will we get burned? Sure. But that’s okay, we must learn from that, to feel what it’s like and experience that sensation firsthand. But just like the frog in the pot, over time that water tends to get hotter and hotter until eventually the frog boils. Reaching the top can be a slow, tedious process. Many of us fail even in the attempt. Others never even get the shot. And then there’s some that don’t care to try. That’s all okay, regardless of where you fall. Reaching the top doesnt mean making it above everyone. It doesnt follow this pyramid scheme nor is structured based on a title.l or experience. I once was told, “leaders don’t have to have a title.” And just like a pack of sled dogs running across the barren tundra, the musher commands from the back of the sled. The dogs listen to his every direction. And while all this goes on, a pack of hungry dogs lugging a sled of person and supplies, that mushes still manages to keep his eyes set on the horizon ahead.