Environmental Control Systems: Nominal

Water reclimation system: Limited

I consider plants as one of the most incredible inhabitants on this planet. Their contributions to our every day life are forgotten, practically unconsciously, but their presense is felt in the hundreds of breaths we take in a single hour alone. When one considers the advantages plants present, one must also consider the ‘evolutionary’ utility belt that they bring to the table. Characteristics such as their strength, their ability to communicate, their resilency against hardship, and their many offerings to all of life: food, medicine, and habitation are just a few of the many benefits they offer. Plants and all of their contributions are essntially infinite.

Picture yourself as a weed in the biggest city you’ve ever visited. The foot traffic is mental. Sounds, sirens, and smells of various origins spill from all directions. This environment is essentially a location prepositioned to stage your epic collapse. Yet, through all of these challenges and limitations you strive to survive and grow. Your roots, although miniscule and frail, slowly penetrate through concrete like a hot knife through butter. Your size begins to double, and your presense begins to catch notice. The passerbys start to acknowledge your presence and begin weaving around you rather then going directly straight through. Within a certain length of time you’ve established yourself amongst the many threats and obstacles surrounding you. Once a tiny seed you’ve now blossomed, persevering in a system that, at one point, was thought to be a setup for failure.

Every unknown brings challenge, mystery, and risk. You can make all the predictions you want, the statistics may not be in your favor. But that foundation, those roots you strengthened and solidfied over time, that’s what breaks the boundaries that once held you back. We all have our limitations, drawbacks, and areas where we can improve. Consider that small weed in the city walkway; one stomp and it can all be over like that.  But in the time we have to grow and be something, there’s no better time to strive and survive than now. Break through those barriers. Make your presense felt and build up.

The view is always better at the top, now, isn’t it?

‘Mars’ with a westerly, sunset view 2/2


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